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Thank you for your visit, if you are already familiar with 3D printing, please skip this part and read on. If you are completely new to this concept, feel free to click here for a brief introduction before we launch into our story.

It all started when…

We got home after a long day's work and wanted to sit back, relax, and focus on our beloved hobby: to create.

But there is just too much frustration!

The Furling story really is about sharing the solution to a problem that bothered us for a long time. 

It all started when we want to materialize our creation through 3D printing technology. It's nothing fancy, nothing extravagant, because we are just the average joes out there that see the value of creativity. 

Some call us makers;
Some call us creators;
Some call us inventors;

but no, we are nothing but a crew of passionate young people that understands what it means to create but is stuck with the wrong tools! 

We've tried many desktop printers, often they become obsolete after a few prints, or the nozzle gets blocked, or some other issues that ruins the entire process.

We can't afford big industrial printers; nor do we have the time and budget to manufacture new moulds for each design. What we really need is a user-friendly, home-friendly, stable tool that can help us achieve this goal. 

So we decided to make our own printers, create our own filaments and most important of all, make it affordable for anyone who wants to use it. 

At Furling, we value:
1. Design
(intentional innovation for a worthy product) 

2. User
(no ones another set of bad tools, or broken toys)

3. Creativity
(the root to everything man-kind has today)

4. Future
(by today's nurture we pave for a better forthcoming) 

5. Feedback
(we don't live under a rock, your opinion is what keeps us going)

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