To let you know a little bit more about our product:

Furling filament is made from 100% pure natural maize.

Our PLA comes in high quality, very pure with solid colors and gives the final product a smooth finish.

Each pack comes at a 320g volume!


Why 320g?

No one likes to print in black and white all the time. You might think buying in bulk is cheaper and more worthy, however, filaments degrade over time if not stored in the ideal condition. Through experience and user feedback, we pinpointed 320g to be the ideal quantity at one single spool.

Not too much, neither too little, the perfect amount for your print!


What is our PLA actually made from?

Yes we say it is 100% PLA and we're sure you've heard this enough times already. 

But what exactly is does this mean?

100% PLA is a environmentally friendly, bio-degradable material, even safe for children to use. The key to a good PLA filament is its purity:

the more pure it is; the less likely it will clog.

the more pure it is; the more solid the colours.

the more pure it is; the smoother the print.



Apart from the filament itself, each furling filament also comes with a patented slider!

so...What is a slider?
A slider is a device to prevent the filaments from tangling.

Often, we find filaments being tangled up during the printing process, it is very common for the tip of the filament to get lost and end up in a tangled mess, this is an absolute nightmare and most likely you will have to unwind the entire roll.

Having been inspired by shuttles and tape dispensers (yes, we mean cello-tape dispensers), we came up with this innovative design! (details behind "STORY")

Hereby, we proudly present you The Furling Spectrum! 

spectrum (website).png

If you'd like to know more about our Kickstarter campaign: CLICK HERE